Crystals for Inflammation

Crystals for Inflammation

Inflammation is more than just swelling in your body, it is your bodies natural response to stimulation from an injury, disease or even exposure to substances which, can irritate the body. On the outside of the body, inflammation is noticeable, on the inside, unless you have X Ray vision…it isn’t so noticeable.

Inflammation hurts and if left untreated can open a can of worms which may cause further issues down the road. There are many remedies which can help with inflammation such as medications prescribed by a doctor, OTC remedies or heat and ice . There are also home remedies using herbs and even crystal therapy. Which route you choose is entirely up to you. 


Stones that Can Help

Aventurine acts as an anti-inflammatory that targets issues of the skin and helps calm and soothe the area. 


Aqua Marine is an interesting one when it comes to helping you deal with inflammation. It acts by allowing your mind to deter its thoughts which puts your mind into a calm state. This is very beneficial and also helps reduce the feeling of pain when applied directly to the spot of inflammation.


Emerald is more than just a beautiful gemstone, it is an incredible healing stone as well. Emerald helps not only boost your immune system, it also helps reduce inflammation as well. Wearing or holding Emerald is beneficial. 


Green Calcite is a waxy stone that is cool to the touch and helps reduce inflammation. Extremely beneficial for inflammation caused from arthritis as Calcite corresponds amazingly with joints!


Moss Agate is a wonderful anti-inflammatory stone. It works with your circulatory system encouraging your body to eliminate impurities.


Rainbow Moonstone works with inflammation by allowing circulation to move freely throughout your body. It is amazing to help calm pain from insect bites and helps to reduce water retention as well.  


Rose Quartz has the ability to create a cooling affect to the skin. We all know how much of a relief it is when something cool is applied to an area of the body that is swollen and hurts! With its ability to cool the skin, inflammation can be reduced allowing you to feel relief.


Sulphur! Trust me when I say this, Sulphur is not a "scary stinky" stone LOL. It is actually one of the most amazing healing stones on this earth! Sulphur has a negative charge to it and is amazing for inflammation from things that erupt…literally speaking…on the skin! Sulphur combats swelling by healing fibrous tissue growth and is amazing for joint inflammation as well. NOT for internal consumption and if you choose to burn Sulphur, wear a mask not only to protect yourself from the fumes, but the odor as well.


Other amazing stones for inflammation:

Blue Lace Agate, Galena, Green Jasper and Turquoise



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