Anxiety and Stress Stones

Anxiety and Stress Stones

One thing nearly every person has in common is stress! Everyday we wake up and tell ourselves today is going to be stress free then the next thing we know, we are faced with everyday situations and BAM…our stress level begins to climb. How we deal with stress is honestly an individual choice. Just know, you are not alone and after all, life is a continuing event and it doesn’t listen when you ask it to slow down!

Stress obviously can be relieved with many avenues. Sometimes all it takes is a bath, or a walk in nature. Did you know there are stones that can also help you relieve stress? Crystals have the ability to relax you into a calmer state and each one does so in its own unique way. The art of this is to not only be drawn to the stone, but to enjoy handling it as well.

Stones that Calm




Amazonite- This is one of my favorite stones for multiple reasons but to me it is one of the best stones for calming! It has a soft vibration to it and adding its beauty into the equation, Amazonite adds harmony into your energy allowing worry and stress to seem so unnecessary. If you are an anxious person or suffer from a ton of nerves, carry or wear this and enjoy the calmness. 





Blue Calcite- Very similar to the vibration of Amazonite, Blue Calcite has a way of allowing you to literally melt your worries away. Even handling this stone with its smooth waxy feel opens this door to amazing doors of relaxation!





Jet- Yes Jet! When a person thinks of Jet, they immediately think of a protection stone. Although, this is very true, Jet also has the ability of absorbing negative energy which in turn lifts a ton of weight off your shoulders. Jet is fabulous for anxiety as it absorbs negative energy and helps to release any emotions you have bottled up inside yourself. So not only will Jet protect you from outside energy sources, it also will help protect you and cleanse you from your own trapped negative energy sources




Black Tourmaline- Another amazing protection stone but Black Tourmaline has the ability to allow you to face your own fears and helps to remove them. This stone is fantastic for helping you not only recognize worry and fear but anger you carry around and using this stone in combination of meditating and visualizing, your worries can literally be swept away!






Moonstone- Moonstone is a stone that helps you recognize when you tend to over react to certain situations. Sadly, some stress we carry in life tends to be self-allowed. Moonstone helps you to stabilize your emotions, calms them and helps you understand that life is a cycle and we all go through it. Moonstone just helps you go through it in a calmer state of mind.





Rose Quartz- This is more than just a love stone, it is also an incredible calming stone. One reason it is so fabulous is because of its ability to align your heart chakra and fill your energy with self-confidence and self-love.





Smokey Quartz- This particular stone has the ability to target so many deep emotional issues that it can tend to be overwhelming for some people. Smokey Quartz is beneficial for anxiety and stress because it has the ability to help you target your emotional state. Handling this stone and allowing yourself to open up to your self will help you understand your fears and thus helping you to distinguish them.


That's it

The list of calming stones is honestly too many to list here. Just remember, when you are looking for a stone for anxiety, stress etc., do not choose the stone because someone has told you to, choose it because the stone is choosing you! You will know when you have been chosen, trust me! Until then, take a few deep breaths, relax as best as you could and smile because you are amazing! 😊  


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