Using Powders

Using Powders

Did you know that sachet powders, or also called, sprinkling powder or dust have been used for many centuries? They can be used in so many amazing ways and can aid in so many awesome things.! Many people look at using sachets powders as using it to anoint candles. Although this is an amazing way to use powders, they can also be used in sprinkling, cleansing, inside mojo bags etc. Sachet powders can be traced back to African root work, traditionally known as foot tracking. In root work, it is believed that when a person steps into a substance like powder, the powder is absorbed through the bottom of the foot and entices the individual with whatever intentions is placed into the powder and or spell.

Bottom line, sachet powders add an amazing level of power into any intention you have whether it’s done with a spell or merely done with your own visualized intention.

Mojo Bags

Sachet powder can be placed inside a mojo bag and carried around to add benefits of the mojo bags intentions. Mojo bags are often crafted with oils, herbs, stones, and powders for the purpose of bringing something to the wearer. Example: drawing in love or bringing in luck

Four Elements

Powders can also be blown into the four elements directs while chanting an invocation to activate the magic or intention. Using the specific type of powder and blowing towards the North, South, East and West along with either a prayer, chant or command will help activate the spell.


Powder can be used to anoint your candles before you burn them. Like oils, anoint a candle with powder is done as intention. A movement of down is bringing something to you where a movement up is taking the energy away.


When I say dressing, I am referring to dressing an item with powder. You can dress literally anything you want and follow the steps of intention and visualization as you do this! For example, if you want to deliver this powder to someone you can dress a note or an envelope and mail it or give it directly to the person. This can be very potent so ensure you really want the desired outcome. You can also dress clothing, shoes etc. with powders to bring direct potency. Please note that not all powders should be used in this manner as some should be avoided direct contact due to their ingredients and potency. Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust and Hot Foot Powder are to name a few. USE CAUTION and know the sachet powder before doing any of this.    

A Simple Commanding Spell

Commanding: Commanding powder does exactly this!

A very simple ritual you can do, and you will need a 5 purple chime candles, photo of your target, commanding powder, commanding oil, cinnamon stick, calamus root, purple pen or marker, parchment paper and needle or nail.

Prepare your circle and visualize your desire. Call up the 4 elements and thank them for their energy. Carve your targets name into the candles and your intention. Dress the candles with oil and then powder. Over the top of the photo write the intention 9 times from top to bottom. Turn the paper one turn and write over the names their birth date 9 times from top to bottom. Turn the paper again one turn and write over the top your command 9 times from top to bottom and turn the paper one last time and write with harm to none this command is done 9 times over the rest from top to bottom. (You may have to write small on that last one). Place the paper onto your altar table and place the candles on top of the corners and one in the middle. Sprinkle calamus root around the center of the candle area as you state the following words:

As the root of calamus applies, the commanding notion in this spell arrives

Break up the cinnamon stick in your hand until and sprinkle it around the altar over the top of the calamus root and say:

(person’s name) I add some spice to ensure my spell plays right

Sit for a moment and look at your preparation and light the candle in the middle and sit and visualize upon this flame your target and your exact desire. As you focus on this desire and this target write out your intention on your parchment paper three time. After the third time kiss the center of the paper and fold it away from you three times. Light the end of this paper with the candle in the middle and light the candles one by one as you say the persons full name allowed. Once all candles are lit visualize on the center and on their picture and say three times loud

(Person full name) calling upon the forces of divine I am now within your mind. Command of mine is strong and tough no room for weakness as this spell is rough. By the power of three I command to thee you will not rest until you obey me

When you are done, sit quietly and put as much energy and visualization as you can into the center of the photo and allow the candles to burn all the way out. Wrap the ingredients up and dispose of them near a crossroads or bury near the persons property. Once the spell has been cast, do not tell anyone you have placed it, dispose of it, and forget about it. It is now in the hands of the divine.

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