Crystal Therapy for Headaches

Crystal Therapy for Headaches

Headaches are seriously one of the most irritating things we all endure in life. Migraines are even worse! If you suffer from chronic headaches, or migraines like I do, all you want is relief! You can reach for the common medications found in the store and yes, these are effective, non-natural sources of relieving these silent situations, or, you can also use crystals to help with headaches. Please remember, using crystals for headaches is not an “immediate:” relief, but they can help target the source of the headache and help to soothe the problem. To begin, you first need to determine where the headache has originated from.

Which Stones Help

Amethyst is a great tool for helping to calm down stress and tension and headaches caused by these conditions are helped by the properties of Amethyst. Amethyst works additionally by clearing the clutter so to speak as It finds blockages and debris and dissolves it at the source. Amethyst strengthens the central nervous system allowing better performance and alleviates fatigue, which can cause a headache.

Ametrine targets tension and helps to calm the mind. Its not often used directly for headaches, however if you have tension, Ametrine is an amazing stone to help alleviate this and in turn help any head ache which may be on the horizon, or already in play.

Aquamarine is another stone that helps to relieve tension in the body. Opening your throat chakra, it helps re align your chakras which allow your energy to flow more naturally.

Aventurine comes in many colors and the properties of Aventurine are amazing! Aventurine has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, helps calm pain in the eyes and is amazing for relieving pain caused from migraines.

Clear Quartz, a master healing stone is beneficial for just about anything! This stone targets energy flow in the body and helps to stabilize as well as amplify areas that need help. Clear Quartz is widely used for all types of healing because of its amazing ability to amplify other stones and the bodies auric fields as well. 

Dumortierite is a stone that helps with stress and insomnia which often headaches are caused from.

Iolite is a detoxifying support stone that helps rid the body of impurities and strengthens the liver in the process. Iolite helps soothe pain from migraines and is also beneficial for fevers.

Lapis Lazuli is a third eye stone that helps to open and clear any blockages in this area. Often times, migraines can be caused by an imbalance in the third eye which is why Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for migraines as it stimulates this gland.

Jet channels energy from the earth and nature and through this absorption, it passes this energy on to you. It allows you to become calm and helps to remove pain from your body.

Nuummite alleviates stress and is such an amazing healing stone that helps target and draw out impurities of the body and energetic body. Nuummite helps to purify and reduce stress and is amazing for relieving headaches.

Optical Calcite is another stone that helps to heal and strengthen the eyes. It relieves tension, especially in this region and helps soothe migraines by doing so.

*On a personal note on Optical Calcite, I had a dog who had a corneal abrasion on her left eye and the vet had her on 4 different eye drops in an attempt to save her eye. I placed 4 pieces on top of her crate in all for corners and left them. Her eye did heal and yes, I know it was aided by the drops, but I firmly believe this crystal helped as well because healing was much quicker. Please know though, this is my personal experience and you should always seek the help of a medical professional in any situation caused by illness or injury.

Selenite is such a soothing stone with a low vibration that is provides a calming effect in its environment. It is often used for protection and bringing in divine energy into your house, but it is also an amazing stone for helping with headache pain. Selenite works by helping to unblock anything energy which has backed up in your energy field and in turn creates a much calmer state of being.

Rhodochrosite is not a common named stone when you think of a migraine, but it is a very beneficial stone for migraines because it stimulates and helps blood flow by dilating vessels in the body.  


This list is only a small portion of stones that help with headaches and migraines. How you use them is entirely up to you, but you can place them directly on the source of ailment, lay them around your head, wear them, use a healing grid or meditate with them. When I get a headache, I use Amethyst as my go to stone and simply lay it on my third eye. Migraines, I use Lapis lazuli which I have cooled in the fridge or freezer and place directly on the spot if able to and I hold a piece of Iolite in each hand.


***I am not a doctor and statements made above are merely suggestions and Crystal Healing information. The information provided is not advising you not to seek medical attention as you should always seek the advice from a medical doctor in all matters concerning health and illness. ***

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