Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian, also called Electric Blue Obsidian, is such a gorgeous stone! Exceedingly rare, it is found in the volcanic regions of Mexico, but most of it is manmade. When hearing the term man made, please don’t be alarmed because there are so many man made specimens that all carry the same amazing powers! Bismuth is a prime example as is Angel Aura! True Blue Obsidian is formed with felsic lava cools and forms into volcanic glass otherwise known as Obsidian. Blue Obsidian is a black obsidian only having a blue sheen to its make up. As I said, it is beautiful!

Blue Obsidian is what I call a shaman energy. This stone will not only help to heighten your visions and intuition, but it guides your energy on a shamanic journey! What makes this stone so powerful is it does not coincide with your throat chakra; it coincides with your third eye and your crown chakras all while carrying the protection and grounding energies of regular obsidian!

Blue Obsidian is an impure silicon dioxide with only a hardness of around 5.5 but its energy vibrates at a 1!!! This makes it an intensifier and allows a person to become more open and receptive to the energetic field’s unseen. Communication is a cleared when using this stone as is vision. Very much a stone to use while meditating, especially if you are seeking a journey and or past life regression. This stone will help you in this journey by allowing you to go deep within yourself and analyze your character and pinpoint areas you may want to work on. We all have things to work on but if you are not ready for this journey, please use caution when using this stone because it will guide you there!

The benefits of this stone go so much more beyond these amazing metaphysical avenues because it is a stone of great healing as well! It is said to be a stone of clarity and can help calm anxiety and may be greatly beneficial for those who suffer Alzheimer’s or are schizophrenic. Aside from being a calming tool, Blue Obsidian is great for helping with spinal ailments, removes blockages and places a shield against negativity. Another words, this stone is fabulous!


As always, these are metaphysical healing traits of the composition and energetic vibration of the stone and does not create miracles, it only helps aid in energy. Please continue to seek medical care and always consult with your doctor.


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