Crystal Cleansing

Crystal Cleansing
Crystal Cleansing  is very important as it purifies the stone and rids it of any unwanted energy. Stones are handled by a lot of different energies and because they are a vibrating material, they absorb every bit of it. Once your stone is cleansed and programmed, it’s important to set ground rules for it and use caution letting just anyone touch it.



***Some Stones are self cleansing stones such as citrine and some stones are unable to be placed in water such as selenite. Remember to always investigate the stone prior to cleansing and choose the method best suited so the crystal does not become damaged***



When programming your stones it is important to first cleanse them and clear any unwanted energy from them. Begin with a clear mind and only good intention and sit with your stone in your dominant hand. Become familiar with its energy and ask permission to blend to it. When you can begin feeling the connection begin stating your purpose for it and use clear intentions again. Do not allow your mind to wander. Do not be afraid to speak to your stones and yes it is ok to whisper to them or speak into your mind. Repeat the request until you feel it’s been established and use your gut instinct to guide you in this. Once this has happened thank the crystal. To gain energy from your stones, simply hold and play with them and asking for their energy. More importantly…ENJOY your crystals.

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