Carnelian, the Stone of Strength, Courage and Stamina

Carnelian, the Stone of Strength, Courage and Stamina

Carnelian is one of my favorite stones for multiple reasons. Each piece carries its own unique coloring and the properties of this stone are absolutely amazing!

Carnelian has long been used in this world as a token of good luck, strength and courage. Often used by Kings to add vitality to their daily lives and in the battle fields, Carnelian was a favorite stone in the ancient worlds and was often used for healing and due to its red color, it was thought to strengthen ones’ blood. It was the first stone in the breast plate of the High Priest and was said to prevent illness and help to ward off the plague. Carnelian was used in burials as it was said to protect the dead as they journeyed home.

Carnelian coincides with Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio. It is a stone of stimulation and is often used to build stamina in a person as well as increase one’s vitality and zest for life. Carnelian helps to protect those who it is near and provides courage while removing fear. Carnelian is an amazing love stone and helps with rekindling passion into your life.

Physical Uses

Carnelian is a beneficial stone for so many ailments and does so with a soft vibrational energy. It is said to be a stone of full life force and helps heal on many levels. Here are a few:

Diminishes Varicose Veins

Aids in Digestion

Improves Circulation

Helps with Impotence

Excellent Stone for Detox

Helps with Skin Disorders

Heals Lower Back Issues

Increases Fertility

Rebuilds Cell Tissues

Shrinks Hemorrhoids

Reduces Chest Congestion

Helps with Nose bleeds

Increases Sexual Desire

Improves Clarity and Balance

Provides Passion in Relationships

Emotional Use 

Because carnelian is a stabilizing stone, it will provide a balance in your life while adding a calming acceptance. It removes jealousy and helps you recognize anxiety and stress. Being a love stone, Carnelian adds love into your thought process and allows you to love yourself as well as those around you. Carnelian removes depression and stimulates your creative inspirations again. Carnelian is an amazing stone for those who are entrepreneurs as it will give them courage to reach their goals and remove any self-doubt.

 Chakra Uses

Carnelian is a root stone and will help ground you directly to the earth. In doing so, it helps to release feelings of anger, fear and dissolves blockages which may cause a problem later on down the road. Carnelian not only stimulates the Base; it also stimulates the sacral chakra as well. Increasing intuition, it stimulates your center life force and helps to regulate information being processed in your spiritual mind. Meditating with Carnelian will help improve mentality, clarity and remove any sense of low enthusiasm and fatigue.


How do you use Carnelian

Anyone can use Carnelian to help with spiritual healing and growth. Wearing Carnelian will be valuable especially if it is located near the chakras it coincides with as the energy is directly transferred to these areas. If you are unable to wear Carnelian, simply having a piece in your energy field is still just as beneficial. Carnelian can be used during meditation by holding the stone and asking it to release the energy needed, it can be placed on the desired area for healing and can even be placed in your bath water for a relaxing effect.



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