Which Wand is right for you

Which Wand is right for you

One of the first things you need to do, is choose the right wand for you. I like to tell people to allow the stone to call to you. If your main objective is to obtain a wand for the purpose of Reiki or Reflexology, ask the wands to speak to you so the energy will be correctly fitted for its purpose.

It is very vital to cleanse your wands, before and after using as you want the energy to be fresh and untainted, so to speak. Become familiar with the energy of your wand and don’t be afraid to speak to it and give it instruction on your desires. It is your intentions after all that make your wands work. Just as there are several kinds of Wands, there are also several kinds of stones and each have their own purpose, so ensure you choose the correct wands for the purpose you intend.

Using your Wand

Scanning the Body

Before you step into anyone’s energy field, (even your own) ask for permission to enter. Once permission is obtained, you may proceed. Using the wand at any direct point you are guided to, allow your wand to glide over the top of the body and as you do, pay attention to not only the energy you are feeling, but the differences in the energy as well. Areas that feel warm, have a harder pull or even show a slight tingle or vibration, are areas your wand has drawn attention to for clearing. As you work through these areas, visualize the energy from the wand to the direct point and begin clearing the energy from these spots. As energy is being cleared, it is vital to replace this energy with positive flowing energy. I do this by adding an appropriate color such as pink for love, green for healing and so on. When you are finished, thank the Wand and the person’s higher self for allowing the healing to be done. Make sure you seal the energy by closing the energy field with your wand beginning at the head and directing the energy all the way to the feet.


If you are working on specific ailments such as wounds, broken limbs, sickness etc, you would focus your wand on the desired area to be manipulated. Unlike scanning the body, the point should be directed away from the body as its purpose is to pull the negative voids from the area being healed. As you do this, you may experience heat or numbness in your hands. Allow the wand to pull the energy and as you are doing so, visualize the energy being removed as a gray color and as it extends from the point it is being evaporated into mother earth for cleansing. Feel free to speak prayers, use symbolizations or even hum as you are working with this energy. The happier the thoughts, the better the energy. As with any healing, ensure you replace energy with positive energy and lastly, seal the space adding a bit more positivity and love.


Wands come in many forms and they each direct their energy from the point. Wands that have a double terminated points have the ability to push power from both avenues. Grids are amazing ways of conducting energy and adding wands will direct the energy in the location you desire. You can direct energy into the middle, the sides or the outside. Location and placement is up to you but always state your intentions as you place your wands and your crystals. If you have an altar, adding wands will increase the energy flow and will empower the stones that are on the table.


The use of wands during meditation is for the purpose of deep direct energy impact. If you are wanting energy to come into you, you would place the point directly at you. If you are wanting the energy to be pulled for cleansing, you would direct the point away from you. Meditation can bring your mind into a deep trance so I suggest creating your sacred space and sealing this space as you stand in the middle of it prior to beginning your meditation. Bless the crystals in the space and place grounding and protection stones inside the grid you have created. Meditating with a crystal grid can be very intense and adding wands for intentional energy and direction can increase this intenseness so be aware of how you are feeling.

Balancing Chakras

Chakras are important as they are what makes us, us. If there are blockages in any chakra, you will feel off balance and may have symptoms of upset as well. To clear and recharge the Chakras, you would scan the aura as described in “scanning the Body” section. Pay attention to the energy as you move up and down the body. To clear a chakra, you direct the point on the chakra and visualize the color which coincides with the chakra. Using your intentions and positive energy flow, begin to rotate the wand in your hand and as you do visualize the color growing and becoming purer in vibrancy. Expand the color, see it rotating as a vibrant healthy fully aligned and fully awakened chakra. Once you have completed every chakra zone, Seal the body and thank the Divine for assistance. I like to add a layer of silver light and seal the body enclosing the shell in a brilliant shiny silver as silver is a pure form of knowledge and high divine power.

There is no wrong way to use your wands as long as you have the best intentions while using them. Get creative with them, have fun and always thank them for their energy and healing. Don’t forget to cleanse thoroughly and recharge them after each use. 

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