Smithsonite Cluster

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Option A: 2.5" by 1.75"

Option B: 1.75" by 1.75" 


Origin:  World Wide
Coloring: Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Grey and Yellow

Metaphysical Properties:

Names after James Smithson, the founder of The Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonite is a very gentle vibrating stone that helps to open your crown chakra. It helps heal past life pain and trauma and helps to regain the soul’s original energy. Smithsonite helps one overcome ties to past life deaths which in turn may help alleviate unknown fear causes. It targets childhood issues and allows you to not only heal your inner child but to strengthen your inner love. Smithsonite is a stone of Angelic communication and helps you to connect to your spiritual realms. It alleviates relationship stress and can be used as a protection grid if placed around your bed at night. Smithsonite amplifies existing psychic gifts while adding a calming energy to you. Brings forth peace, inner love and harmony.

Healing Benefits:

• Reduces inflammation
• Helps with alcoholism
• Reduces Stress
• Boosts immune system
• Beneficial for those with osteoporosis
• Beneficial during birthing process
• Helps with digestion problems
• Strengthens and soothes the muscles
• Emotional Healing
• Fights addiction
• Alleviates Depression
• Helps the endocrine system

Power Associations:

• Healing
• Relationships
• Harmony

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Crown and Heart
Zodiac: Virgo and Pisces
Planet: N/A
Birth Month Association: N/A
Deities: N/A

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: 7
Hardness: 4-5
Crystal Structure: Trigonal
Composition: Zinc Carbonate
Luster:  Pearly
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