Red Spinel Sphere

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50-55mm in size. Color varies per piece. Red Spinel with Black


Origin:  Sri Lanka, Canada, United States, Pakistan, Brazil, Sweden and Myanmar

Coloring: Orange and White

Metaphysical Properties:

Spinel comes in many colors and is in many different matrixes. Red Spinel is a stone of Kundalini energy and will not only stimulate it, but will help it rise. It increases your confidence providing you with a sense of self accomplishment and it helps to raise your vitality of life. Spinel is a calming stone and will help to not only calm your energy, but your internal bodies energy as well. It brings for encouragement, allows you to set goals and see the goals in your mind’s eye and will lastly push you forward towards them.  Red Spinel brings hope into your life and helps to release past hurts. It will heighten your psychic abilities and will help t promote channeling and clairaudience.

Healing Benefits:

·         Removes blockages

·         Calms inflammation

·         Cleanses the aura

·         Alleviates stress

·         Removes depression

·         Beneficial to those with cancer

·         Stimulates metabolism

Power Associations:

·         Vitality

·         Abundance

·         Kundalini

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Root, Third Eye and Crown

Zodiac: Scorpio

Element: Fire

Planet: Pluto

Birth Month Association: N/A

Deities: Hephaestus

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: N/A

Hardness: 8

Crystal Structure: Cubic

Composition: Magnesium Aluminum Oxide

Luster: Vitreous




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