Rainbow Obsidian

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Color varies per piece

45 to 50mm

Rainbow Obsidian

Origin:  Most colors of Obsidian are commonly found, however some are considered rare. Rainbow Obsidian is found in volcanic regions of Mexico

Coloring: Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Re-Black, Silver and Gold-Sheen

Metaphysical Properties:

Rainbow Obsidian is a gentler form of Obsidian however is a strong protector. Rainbow Obsidian teaches you about evolution and helps to cut the chords from old love and painful relationships. Rainbow Obsidian releases hooks that have been left in the heart and absorbs any negative energy source in your environment and in your aura. Rainbow Obsidian removes stress and allows one to see how past lives may affect you today and helps heal past life situations. Rainbow Obsidian is a stone of health and well-being.

*Please note that Obsidian is very powerful and may not work for everyone*

Healing Benefits:

  • Helps with compassion

  • Provides strength

  • Helps with digestion

  • Detoxes body

  • Helps with blockages

  • Helps with hardened arteries

Power Associations:

  • Protection

  • Grounding

  • Divination

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Libra

Element: Fire

Planet: Saturn

Birth Month Association: N/A

Deities: Itzpapalotl

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: 2

Hardness: 5.5

Crystal Structure: Amorphous

Composition: Silicon Dioxide w/ Impurities

Luster: Vitreous







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