Pyrite Sphere

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 40 mm and 50 mm

Cratering does vary per piece


Origin:  Readily available stone which can be found in the United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Chile and Peru

Coloring: Light brass yellow with a dark gold tarnish


Pyrite is a very unique stone as it is made up of disulfide iron with metallic crystals which form into nodules. Even though Pyrite cannot be bent, it is a very fragile stone and can flake if handled incorrectly. Pyrite is a powerful grounding stone and can help shield against negative energy. Pyrite also adds a layer of protection to the aura, preventing leakage.  Pyrite helps boost self-confidence and is a powerful and very useful stone for men as it strengthens masculinity. Pyrite assists in allowing karmic issues to be seen and helps to balance instincts and intuition. It is said that adding Pyrite to Citrine in the far left corner of your home, abundance is added and intensified.


  • Helps fight fatigue
  • Helps recover memory
  • Helps calm the digestive tract
  • Helps with the circulatory system
  • Beneficial for asthma
  • Helps with bronchitis
  • Helps to oxygenate the blood
  • Helps relieve menstruating
  • Helps relieve inflammation
  • If applied directly to the body, can help ease fever


  • Shielding
  • Abundance
  • Confidence


Zodiac: Leo

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Root

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Birth Month Association: N/A


Energy Vibration: 3

Hardness: 6.5

Composition: Iron Sulfide

Crystal Structure: Cubic

Luster: Metallic







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