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Small 1" chunks

Rough form


Origin: Available from specialty shops, only found in the United States, Britain and Russia

Coloring: Metallic Gray-Lilac

Metaphysical Properties:

Galena is the stone of harmony and helps balance all aspects of your life. Galena opens, enhances and balances your physical, ethereal and spiritual planes. Galena grounds you to the earth and is a wonderful holistic healing stone. Galena opens the mind and allows you to dissolve patterns and limitations carried on from the past. Galena aids in past life recall and allows understanding of alchemy. Galena further aids in finding lost portions of your soul that may have been deposited in past lives. Doing so allows a completion of patterns. Galena encourage love and provides courage. Galena helps to protect your energy field and wards of psychic attack.

***Although Galena is a powerful healing stone, it is a toxic stone and should be handled with caution. Wash the hands immediately after use is highly suggested***


Healing Benefits:

  • Detoxes the body

  • Multidimensional cellular healing

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Helps alleviate fat deposits

  • Improves circulation

  • Improves veins and functions

  • Helps with joint issues

  • Beneficial for the hair

  • Helps support cancer

  • Helps overcome addiction

  • Helps remove deep rooted fears

  • Counteracts radiation

Power Associations:

  • Healing

  • Grounding

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Birth Month Association: N/A

Deities: N/A

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: 22

Hardness: 2.6

Crystal Structure: Cubic

Composition: Lead Sulfide

Luster: Metallic




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