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These pieces are chunky and each is different in its own way. There is residual matrix on these pieces so they are rough pieces. Sizing varies between 2.5-4.5" (small medium and large). 

  • Small- 2.5-3"
  • Medium- 3-3.5"
  • Large- 3.5-4" ( predominately green and weighs 1lbs 12oz)


Origin:  Commonly found crystal from the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, Peru, Mexico and Brazil

Coloring: Clear, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and brown

Metaphysical Properties:

Green Fluorite is a grounding stone that is effective at absorbing and dissolving negative energy. Green Fluorite stimulates intuition and is a wonderful auric cleanser.

Fluorite is a protective stone and helps to protect your psychic mind as it guards against psychic attack and manipulative energies. Fluorite is a cleansing stone for the aura and helps to block geopathic stresses. Fluorite is a grounding stone and also helps on to heighten their spiritual level and attunements. Fluorite helps the mental coordination and rids the mind of fixed ideas and perceptions. Fluorite is beneficial for students as it allows the mind to concentrate and promotes quick thinking. Fluorite is a balancing stone and helps with problem solving.


Healing Benefits:

  • Helps with Infections
  • Alleviates worry
  • Helps with self-confidence
  • Benefits the teeth
  • Benefits the cells
  • Benefits bone health
  • Regenerates the skin cells
  • Heals ulcers
  • Aids in colds
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Helps with spinal injuries
  • Helps with pain
  • Helps alleviate pain from shingles
  • Helps with headaches


Power Associations:

  • Power
  • Mental Abilities


Magical Attributes:

Chakra: ALL

Zodiac: Capricorn

Element: Air/Water

Planet: Mercury

Birth Month Association: N/A


Mineral Association:

Energy Vibration: 7

Hardness: 4

Crystal Structure: Cubic

Composition: Calcium Fluoride

Luster: Vitreous





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