Ametrine Wrapped Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Pendant Only


Origin:  Found worldwide

Coloring: Purple with Yellow or Clear

Metaphysical Properties:

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine and is a very powerful stone. Ametrine is a promotion of healing and helps to connect with higher realms. Ametrine is a stone of travel and assists with astral flight while protecting your physical body and aura. Ametrine removes distress and allows you to get to the bottom of things. Ametrine does bring up deep rooted issues but does so in order to release them. Ametrine absorbs negative energy and disperses it and absorbs and removes toxins from the aura. Ametrine stimulates your creativity and brings forth positivity and optimism. Ametrine is beneficial for study as it aids in clarity and concentration. Ametrine further unites masculine and feminine energy and assists with lucid dreaming. The citrine in the stone attracts money.

Healing Benefits:

  • Strengthens the aura

  • Promotes energy

  • Relieves headaches

  • Cleanses the blood

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Helps with autonomic nervous system

  • Relieves burning sensations

  • Removes tension

  • Beneficial for Alzheimer’s

  • Removes nightmares

  • Beneficial for gastric problems

  • Removes phobias and fears

  • Beneficial for degenerative disorders

  • Helps with eye problems

  • Beneficial for cellulite

  • Strengthens the bladder

  • Helps with blood circulation

  • Removes anger

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Helps with bruising

  • Helps with menstrual pain

  • Helps with insomnia

  • Balances hormones

  • Beneficial for the lungs

  • Balances menopausal symptoms

 Power Associations:

  • Money

  • Power

  • Healing

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Libra

Element:  Water

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and the Sun

Birth Month Association: N/A

Deities: God and Goddess

Mineral Information

Energy Vibration: 4

Hardness: 7

Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Luster: Vitreous




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