Standleyana Albo

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This Monstera is a beautiful plant! When mature, the leaves can get as long as 6" in length, and the plant itself can reach up to 5ft in height. It loves to climb and can get leggy as it is doing so, so ensure you give it some support and something to grow up! 

Originally found in Honduras, this is a tropical plant that enjoys water so make sure you check for dryness often. By often, I mean every day to ensure it does not dry out. However, be cautious not to overwater to avoid root rot! I usually allow the top of the soil to dry just a bit before I give them a drink. Make sure you use loose, well-draining, and nutrient-rich soil. In the wild, it is found vining up trees so light can be indirect. I have mine inside my greenhouse with grow lamps and it tolerates it very well. Be careful however not to burn the foliage! 

Normal house temperatures are fine for this baby but they love 70*80 degree temps. Do not allow your environment to drop below 55 degrees! Being a tropical plant, they love humidity and my babies are currently being raised in my plant cabinet with humidity ranging between 85-95% and temperature around 85 degrees. 

Coloring on these is kind of cool! Each leaf is different and you never know what each one will do. Some will give just a hint of white, while others will throw out a ton of white. Striping and speckles of white are normal as is green. Whichever leaf forms, enjoy its unique look! 

This is a baby, propagated in water. Rooted since March but new growth has finally said hello! 

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Picture of the plant in ... 2022:


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