Silver Sword Philodendron

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Silver Sword Philodendron


Formally called a Philodendron Hastatum, the Silver Sword is such an amazingly beautiful aroid plant! The leaves have a nice silver shimmer to them; hence the name and they LOVE bright to moderate light!  They are a tropical plant, so they do like to be kept moist but make sure the soil is an airy, well-draining mixture.


This plant does not like cold temperatures (60-80) and are very sensitive to frost damage, but they can tolerate temperatures as low as 60. Prefers humidity but can do well without a lot of humidity.


This baby Is a top cut from my mother plant. One thing that I love about it honestly is the deformity in the leaf as it literally resembles a sword lol! This baby was propagated from a node and is rooted and transitioned into my special aroid soil mixture. He does currently reside in my greenhouse cabinet where the temperature is always above 75 and the humidity ranges between 85-99%. Lastly, since transitioning to soil, this baby has had new growth!


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