Rhaphidoophora Tetrasperma

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Rhaphidoophora Tetrasperma

This plant has been called a mini monstera because of the fenestration and is native to Thailand. These do not grow much in the wild anymore but is not hard to find in the plant community. They are vining plants and in their natural habitat they grow up trees, on cliffs and even up rock basins. It is an aerial plant, so soil is not like those of philodendrons or even monsteras. They prefer light, airy and very nutrient based. Make sure to add moss, activated charcoal and perlite to your mixture.

These plants love light but not direct light! The leaves will lighten if they are getting too much light! Humidity can be tolerated in higher levels, but these do just fine with normal room humidity levels. They cannot tolerate temperatures below 55 degrees! Keep this plant moist but not wet as it will negatively impact the plant.

I propagated this baby in water and the root system exploded. So much so I had to plant it in a 6” container.

PLEASE NOTE: There is evidence of previous pest damage to this plant. Please review all photos of it! This baby has been treated! I am calling this a rehab plant at this time unless he snaps out of it before he finds a new home.


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