Red Flowering Anthurium

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Red Flowering Anthurium

Such an easy to care for plant that will give you waxy like flowers for a long time! These plants love a ton of light so make sure you place it in a very bright spot. The brighter the indirect light, the bigger the leaves become!

Do not let this plant dry out so make sure you water it when the first two inches become dry. They also love heat and love temperatures between 70-90 degrees. Additionally, they are tropical, so they love high humidity.

They are TOXIC to animals so please keep this in mind if your furbaby eats plants.


This plant has been in my collection for a while and has grown so much! The flowers bloom for months it seems, and the new growth keeps coming! He currently resides in my cabinet with greenhouse conditions.  

Has been repotted into a 6” pot but the plant is around 12” in height. Tons of brand new aerial roots as well. Yellowing began around the tips of some leaves so that is why he was repotted and had trim on a few leaves to remove tip damage. Please note there is hard water staining on some leaves due to the greenhouse moisture.

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Picture of the plant in April 2022:

Picture of the plant in March 2022:

Picture of the plant February 2022:


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