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The Philodendron Prince of Orange is a gorgeous tropical plant that provides brilliant Orange leaves on its new growth. Hence the name! Some new growth can show yellow leaves which change to a copper orange color and finally into a very deep emerald green as it ages. This is a hybrid plant! 

These tropical plants enjoy very bright light and can get very leggy at times. All growth comes from the center of the and does really well with something to grow up, such as a moss pole. 

The cuttings were taken from the top of my mother plant and transitioned from water propagation to soil propagation. Currently residing inside my indoor greenhouse cabinet where the temp is around 75-80 degrees and humidity levels are between 80-90%. Grow lights 12 hours a day. Please note that this is NOT a requirement! My mother plant sits outside the cabinet right next to it with normal humidity levels. If this plant does not get the light that it likes, growth may NOT show orange but green. If this happens, it needs more light. 

Please note that these are rooted stem cuttings and the growth points will show amazing leaves. Once growth becomes lusher, pricing will altar! 

Light: Bright light but not directly to the sun. Does amazing under fluorescent or grow lights. 

Food: Monthly 

Water: Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between watering. Water thoroughly. 

Humidity: Above 50%

Temperature: 60-85 degrees. (60 being the minimum) 

Soil:  Well-draining soil. 

See below for timeline pictures of the plant each month

Picture of the plant in April 2022:


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