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Sizes and Shapes vary


Origin: Comes from United States, New Zealand, India, Scotland, Switzerland and South Africa

Coloring: Green, White, Yellow or Brown

Metaphysical Properties:

Prehnite is a love stone and is extremely calm in vibration. Prehnite is often used by healers to heal themselves due to its gentle cleansing vibrations. Prehnite allows connections with higher realms and allows one to understand the universes energy grid. Prehnite is said to connect with Archangel Raphael and opens the understanding of inner understandings. Prehnite is attune to divine energy and is a stone of prophecy. Prehnite helps to declutter your mind and allows you to see what needs to be removed from your life as well as your possessions. Prehnite helps to remove fears and phobias and is an amazing shielding stone especially when placed next or inside a grid as it layers the energy of it. Prehnite seals the aura and helps you become prepared.

Healing Benefits:

  • Calms hyperactivity

  • Relieves nightmares

  • Removes fears

  • Removes phobias

  • Helps with kidney function

  • Helps with the bladder

  • Helps with the thymus glands

  • Helps with shoulder issues and pain

  • Beneficial for the lungs

  • relieves pain of gout

  • Helps blood disorders

  • Malignancy

Power Associations:

  • Dreams

  • Psychic Work

Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Libra

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Birth Month Association:

Deities: Freya

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: 5

Hardness: 6

Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic

Composition: Calcium Aluminum Hydroxysilicate

Luster: Vitreous





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