Painted Lady Philodendron A

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Painted Lady Philodendron


This gorgeous plant is considered a hybrid between the P. Erubescens Emerald Queen and the P. Erubescens Burgundy Plant. The coloring is stunning transitions between yellow leaves with light green into darker greens throughout this plant and you will find yourself staring at the leaves looking getting lost in its coloring patterns. Did I mention the stems are pink? This plant is one of my absolute favorite plants in my collection!


The do love above average humidity and moderate to bright indirect light. They grow well in a light well-draining chunky soil and should be watered when the top 2” become dry. They are a tropical plant so they do well between 55-80 degrees.


This is a top cut propagated from a node and transitioned into my special aroid soil after roots had formed. New growth has formed and air roots are visible and happy!


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