Maria Allusion Syngonium C

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Mostly found in Brazil and Mexico, this plant will be an amazing plant to add to your collection! One of many of the Syngonium family! Arrowhead-shaped leaves, pink to red to green leaf coloring and if it is really really happy, he will bloom flowers for you! They grow in many different ways, it depends on the light you offer it and the care. They can vine or grow as a hanging plant as well. 

They can handle bright indirect light but do amazing also in low light as well. Mine actually sits in a medium-light area and is happy! So if you are looking for a shade-type plant or a very low light plant, this plant is perfect for you! 

They do like water but it is important to allow it to dry out between waterings. However, you will find that you will still need to water him once a week at least.

Normal house temperatures are fine for this baby but they love 60 to 80-degree temps. Soil needs to be at least an average mixture but ensure you have enough aeration in the soil and it drains super well. They do love humidity and will do amazing in areas of 70-100% humidity. My Maria is NOT in my greenhouse cabinet and has done just fine in 54% average house humidity. 

This is a baby, propagated in water. 

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Picture of the plant in ... 2022:


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