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The Cream Splash Philodendron is a mutation of the Brasil Philodendron. This is a beautiful and easy to care for plant that can be identified by its creamy dark and light greens and cream variegation.

My Cream Splash mother came to me as a cutting in February of 2020. She had four leaves and today she is huge now! Took me a long time to finally trim her and these are her offspring! Sadly, not all carried on the variegation, but those that did are seriously cool! Coloring is different in each one and each has its own variegation. Can I promise the variegation will stay, no, no one can because any plant can revert. What I can promise though is you will get an amazing baby to bring joy to your house and carry on my Mama Cream Splashes genetics! Hopefully, your plant baby will bring lots of colors to your house and to its leaves.

Please inspect every photo before making your selection. See Below

Light: Can tolerate any type of light but do amazing in bright indirect light.

*Note, the plant can become quite leggy if it is in low light

Food: Fertilize with a balanced food monthly

Water: Check weekly but water when a finger inserted is dry

Humidity: 40-80%

Temperature: Warm room temperatures

Soil: Loose well-draining soil

All these babies were propagated in water until a root system formed enough to transition to my aroid recipe soil. They now reside in my plant cabinet where the temperature is a constant 82 degrees, and the humidity is between 80-90%. They do not require this to thrive however so please don't be alarmed. I am finding it intriguing the leaf coloring inside my cabinet as compared to outside, they are under a 12 hour grow light as well. These will be transitioning to normal outside of cabinet environments the end of February! 

New Growth is abundant BUT he is reverted


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