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Candles are sold individually, NOT a box so one equals one single candle.

See Color Options Below

Approx. 4" x 3/8"

Please note, color may vary from pictures as each shipment is different in color depth 

Chime Candles

Chime Candles are small tapered candles that burn in one setting. The generally do not drip and are often used in spell casting. Candle Casting is done by the casters preference and often coloring is specific to the casters desire. See below for color specifics. Ensure you create a sacred space, prepare your candle for it's purpose and set forth positive intentions. If any wax remains, ensure it is buried.

Color Uses

*Note, color usage is not required as intention can be set into any color candle*


  • Black is used to separate or break up a situation or a person. Black is used to repulse thoughts of sorrow and despair. It further allows freedom from evil as it helps to absorb negative energy.


  • Blue is a significance of healing and is a wonderful aid to meditation. Blue is a color associated with the Throat Chakra and initiates forgiveness.


  • Burning brown offers a sense of neutrality. it is also a perfect color to assist with finding things


  • Gray is a neutral color that serves to remove bad influences negativity and promotes stability and peace of mind


  • Green is used for money luck in gambling succeeding in business finding steady work and good fortune in general. Green associates with the Heart Chakra


  • Orange is a color of strength. Burn this candle for strength to find a desirable attraction obtain joy and success. Orange is also Associated with the Sacral Chakra


  • Pink is burned to attract a lover it helps with 'come to me" spells romance and keeping a good life. Pink associates with the Heart Chakra


  • Purple is burned to assist with mastery power ambition control command and wealth. Purple associates with the Third Eye Chakra


  • Red is a powerful color and can be burned for passion love affection bodily vigor. Red is the color of the Root Chakra.


  • Yellow is burned for devotional prayer symbolizes gold and fortune fast luck cheerfulness attraction. Yellow associates with the Solar Plexus Chakra


  • White is burned for spirituality and spiritual healing peace purity and rest. White associates with the Crown Chakra


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Dorian G.
United States United States
Amazing service and products!

Quick shipping even during quarantine, was refunded the excess cost of shipping. Products were lovely and well packaged, I've sent many of my friends along to make orders as well!!

United States United States

Candles are great, no bleeding to each other or stuck together. Exactly what I was looking for. Fast shipping.


The owner was very knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely go back!


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