Chakra Realign/Reiki Session


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Available in time increments of 15 minutes. 

Reiki is a massage for your energy. Blockages are able to be felt and released, chakra re aligned and balanced and pin point energy used to help heal the mind, body and the soul. 

Please Note:

  • Emotions may come to the surface during Reiki. This is normal so just let them go. I will NOT offer you a Kleenex if this happens because to me, this is your bodies way of removing built up emotional toxins that need to just flow. Once the session is over you are welcome to as many Kleenex as you want lol
  • Once I obtain permission to enter your energy field, I am connected to your energy so I do get information about you. If you are uncomfortable with this intuitive approach, Reiki is not recommended for you. 
  • I do my best to not touch during a session and only use my energy, however there are times I am directed to apply direct energy. 
  • Please ensure your feet are clean as you will be barefoot. :)
  • Once your session is over a "coming back to you" phase is required before I let you get up and move around. I will explain in person what this means. 
  • WATER WATER WATER! I cannot emphasize this enough! Reiki moves your energy around and releases toxins for removal. If you do not drink water you can become fatigued, experience headaches, become emotional and even have mood swings. WATER!
  • Brush yourself off when you leave and release it all to the universe for cleaning. 

This is in store only

Once ordered, I will contact you to book your session. 

Please review the cancellation policy prior to purchase 

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Kenneth D.
United States

Mt reiki session

This was my first reiki session and I was very satisfied with my experience.I felt as if she was talking to I really enjoyed my experience. It answered some questions that I had about some body pain. She knew about it without me telling her. The next day I felt as if I had been working out, but I was not tired. I deffinitly will return for future visits.


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