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What is Cedar

Cedar is an herb used by cultures for the use of smudging. Cedar is generally burned during prayer as it is said the smoke carries your prayers to the creator. cedar is used in sweat lodges and in homes during cleansing as it helps to purify the energy of the space. Cedar drives out old and negative energies and helps to drive in positive energies. Cedar is considered a very ancient positive omen and is still used today in conjunction with sage.

When to Use

  • When you move into a new home
  • when you purchase a new item and want to clear all previous energy
  • When cleansing your crystals
  • When you are feeling depressed
  • If you want to make your prayers stronger
  • If you want to feel more connected to Spirit
  • Purifying your sacred place
  • Before meditations
  • Before and after any psychic involvement

Different kinds of Sage

  • White Sage- Most commonly used, used for healing and purifying
  • Cedar- Helps prayers rise
  • Sweet grass- Becoming rare, sweet grass helps bring positivity and good intentions
  • Lavender- brings peace and wisdom
  • Copal- Cleanses protects and purifies
  • Desert Sage- Used during meditations, helps remove negative energy and detoxes the space of toxic vibrations


Items needed:  Feather, Sage/Cedar, Sweet Grass, Abalone Shell

To use sage it is advised to first open all doors, cabinets and windows. Once your space is prepared, take a moment to relax yourself and let your mind drift to your inner being. Connect with your higher self and ask for divine healing and protection. Set your intentions within yourself and ask for your guides to assist you along your cleansing journey. Starting in the back of your space, Bless your sage bundle with the highest of intentions and light it with a wooden match. as the bundles begins to release a layer of smoke, lay it in your shell and begin using your feather to direct the smoke into all corners of the room. As your smoke rises as for the smoke to cleanse, heal and purify the air. ask the smoke to carry the toxics of the space away and to fill with light. Ensure the smoke hits every corner and inside everything that has an empty space. if there are spaces you are unable to get, visualize the smoke entering these spaces. as you exit this space, continue in this pattern throughout your desired space and exit. Follow up with sweet grass doing as you did with the sage asking for the highest of divine guidance and love to fill the cleansed and purified space.



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