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Angel Aura is a beautiful man made creation. I was excited to get in a new shipment until I saw them. I know it is a manmade creation using Platinum and Silver on Quartz but in these pieces there is no true even appearance to this process so it is visible. Not sure if they didn't finish the process completely or did not heat it correctly but it is enough that I am unhappy with the whole shipment and they are going into the clearance section in hopes someone can overlook and love.  My heart hurts for these babies. Please be aware of this when you buy one of these and it is really hard to get good photos of these pieces, but I tried. Photos do NOT do them justice!


Current Mark Down: 55%

Option A: 3" in length. Flatter piece. Can see a film appearance and it is not as smooth on the points. 

Option B: 2.25" x 3" Large point in center. Can physically feel the film on this piece. Not too much coloring either 

Option C: 4" in length. Pretty cluster in itself with one visible rust staining inside the cluster. Not a ton of coloring but it does peer at you and say hello

Option D: 3" in length. Tall and proud resembles a crown in my opinion. Coloring is really pretty but I still see a rippling to its effect. 

Angel Aura

Origin: Angel Aura Quartz is created by using Quartz and Vaporized Platinum and Silver to add a permanent metallic colorful sheen.

Coloring: Clear, with an iridescence of Yellow, Pink, Blue and Purple

Metaphysical Properties:

Angel Aura Quartz is a very uplifting shone. Angel Aura Quartz allows one to become in contact with spiritual and angelic guidance. Angel Aura Quartz helps one discover their soul’s purpose in life and opens your mind to other dimensions during meditative states. Angel Aura Quartz is a facilitator of complete union with the divine and cosmic consciousness. Angel Aura Quartz is a bringer of optimism and good luck and works with all chakras.

Healing Benefits:

  • Removes emotional trauma

  • Helps relieve constipation

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Heals on a multidimensional level

  • Enhances muscle testing

  • Balances the body

  • Helps soothe burns

  • Enhances immune system

Power Associations:

  • Serenity

  • Love

  • Peace

Magical Attributes:

Chakra:  Crown

Zodiac: N/A

Element: Wind

Planet: Sun

Birth Month Association: N/A

Deities: N/A

Mineral Information:

Energy Vibration: N/A

Hardness: Brittle

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal

Composition: Complex Amendment

Luster: Vitreous Iridescence




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