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What are Altar Tiles/Coins

Altar tiles are often used as representations of a person's faith. They can be placed on your altar as this symbol or obtain a special meaning which you would like to have added to your sacred space. Altar tiles can also be used during rituals and or spells more commonly used as a vessel to hold the energy of the work being done and this may include spirits.


  • Ankh- (3 1/4") Assorted colors, please specify which color in the NOTES section that you are requesting otherwise a color will be chosen for you. Brown, Green, Purple, Red
  • Pentagram Coin-(1 1/4") A lovely talisman that can be placed on your altar or within your mojo bag, the Pentagram Altar Coin is a small plate depicting an interwoven pentagram sculpted of silver-plated brass
  • Pentagram Tile- (2 3/4") Crafted of white metal to be a silvery presence of light and mysticism upon your alter, this altar tile depicts an interwoven pentagram as a potent symbol of the elements united and ruled by divinity or spirit
  • Triquetra Open Cut Tile- (3") Created out of silver-plated brass, this open-cut Triquetra altar tile is an elegant piece, certain to endure as you use its mystical imagery upon your altar
  • Triquetra Wood Open Cut- (4") Beautifully carved and stained. Perfect for any Altar space. 
  • Triple Moon Tile (Silver plated)- (3 1/2") This altar tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Made of silver plated brass, it beautifully displays the sacred triple moon symbol




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