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What is an Altar

 Altars have been created and used for many centuries. Many early religions used altars for their sacrifices and offerings, and the tradition of this sacred space has been adopted by religions and worshipers of all kinds. An altar varies by its designer and it also varies by its use. Altar often serve as a shrine, additionally they can be an addition to a focal point of celebrations. Altars can be used for praying practices, meditation spaces and dedicated to spell casting. Altars can be seen holding various aspects of Buddha or the Gods and Goddesses, Crystals and they may even have spaces for offerings such as food, incense, money etc. An altar should be individually created and hold what its creator is inclined to place on it.

What is an Altar Cloth

An altar cloth is used to cover an altar table or space. It has many colorings and symbols and is used to pay respect and add beauty to your altar space. Altar cloths are dependent on taste and style and are generally viewed as a cloth of respect for your altar.

Available Cloths in 18":

  • Green Man
  • Goddess
  • Moon Phases
  • Pentagram Goddess
  • Tree of Life
  • Triple Moon
  • Triple Moon w/ Pentagram
  • Triquetra

Available Cloths in 36":

  • Chakra Lotus
  • Dream Catcher
  • Fatima Hand
  • Green Man
  • Pentagram
  • Shield Knot
  • Tree of Life (Tie Die)
  • Triquetra


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