Altar Bells

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2 ½ ” x  1 ¾ ”

What is an Altar

Altars have been created and used for many centuries. Many early religions used altars for their sacrifices and offerings, and the tradition of this sacred space has been adopted by religions and worshipers of all kinds. An altar varies by its designer and it also varies by its use. Altar often serve as a shrines, additionally they can be an addition to a focal point of celebrations. Altars can be used for praying practices, meditation spaces and dedicated to spell casting. Altars can be seen holding various aspects of Buddha or the Gods and Goddesses, Crystals and they may even have spaces for offerings such as food, incense, money etc.. An altar should be individually created and hold what its creator is inclined to place on it.

What is an Altar Bell

Altar bells used in altars are often ways to call upon gods and goddesses which are worshipped before, during and even after a meditation, ceremony or spell. The sound of the altar bell will often enhance and allow a deeper connection to the energy and to the earth.


Available Bells:

There are two types of pentagram. One is used by is used by right hand paths and the other is used by left hand paths. A right hand path is a pentagram in the upright pattern is said to be of good intentions and good paths, a symbolism of divine path and divine soul. The upright pentacle is a symbol of faith and connection to the earth by those who allow their intellect and passion for divine light soul and have risen above his or her animal.

Triple Moon

The moon has such a powerful energetic life force and is widely used in religious and meditation practices. The moon affects not only the waters upon our planet but the earth beneath our feet as well. Each moon phase brings forth a new energy and are important to our daily functions.

There are six stages to the moons phase; Full, Waning, Dark, New, Waxing and Full.

Energy Associations

Full MoonConnecting with abundance, crops/harvesting, fulfillment, manifesting , achievement, dreams and protection

Waning Moon Time of releasing and letting go, clearing away, cleansing, removing old patterns, banishing bindings and making spaces

Dark Moon Rest and relaxation, peace, deep wisdom, divination, contacting your inner self, letting things go

New Moon New beginnings, fresh starts, optimism and faith

Waxing Moon Time for building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and positive transformation



The triquetra symbol is a cornering of three arcs that overlap together. Although this symbol is often viewed as a pagan symbol, it originated about 2000 years ago and is a representation of  past, present and future. Further represents body, mind and soul and is a Celtic representation of land, sea and sky.


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