African Polly Alocasia

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This plant is considered a hybrid and the parent plants are unknown. The alocasia family comes from the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. Nonetheless, this plant is magnificent! The leaves can grow very large and the markings make it a very unusual and beautiful plant. Occasionally this plant will flower, it isn't always common, but if he does, he is happy so enjoy the flowering! 

Please be aware however that this plant is a bug attractor so ensure you examine the leaves a lot! 

This baby came from the separation of the rhizomes within the mother plant. It is rooted and pretty!

He is tall and in a 6" pot

Light: This baby is not a fan of direct sun at all but does enjoy very bright indirect light. Although they can tolerate low light levels, they will not grow as well as they will in bright light. The mother plant and he sits outside my greenhouse cabinet. 

Food: Monthly 

Water: They love watering but make sure you do not overwater and cause root rot! Check weekly is my rule of thumb and if the soil is not moist, I water. Again, do NOT overwater! 

Humidity: Above 60%

Temperature: Room temperature is perfect for this guy. Keep in mind however if the room is cold, the plant will go dormant. Avoid temps below 50 degrees!  

Soil:  Well-draining soil-rich mixture. 

See below for timeline pictures of plant each month

Picture of the plant in April 2022:


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