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This Monstera is also called the swiss cheese plant! 

This plant is of the Araceae family and is a climbing monstera. These can get to 13ft tall outdoors and up to 3ft indoors. My mother plant tries to climb my windows all the time, hence the birth of this baby lol!

They love bright indirect light for up to 6 hours a day but will get leggy if it’s not getting enough light. They love even moisture in the soil or every 7 days in the summer and around 14 during the winter. Use a well-balanced fertilizing soil. These were propagated as leafless nodes in water until roots formed and then I transitioned them into my special aroid mixture that I create for my plants. 

Currently being raised in my plant cabinet with humidity ranging between 85-95% and temperature around 85 degrees. They do like to be watered but will not crash and die on you if they dry a bit. They are vining plants so make sure you place them in an area where they can grow up and around.  

When I first posted these babies (three in one pot), they were literally sticks! Now there are leaves and it is shaping into a pretty plant!! These were propagated in water until a nice root system developed. Instead of planting as single stems,  So, you are getting three plants in one! 

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***This poor guy was knocked over by my cat onto the floor. He is currently mad at me over this and is looking a bit pathetic right now. Price reduced until he can get better from his accident. lol

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Picture of the plant in April 2022:

Picture of the plant March 2022:

Picture of the plant February 2022:


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