Crazy Lace Agate

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2-3" in size. Unique patterns, color and markings vary 


Crazy Lace

Origin: Easily obtained, Mined in Mexico

Coloring: White, Cream, Gray and tan to Brown

Metaphysical Properties:

Also called Mexican Lace, Crazy Lace is a stone of pure happiness. It helps to protect against the evil eye and is a stone grounded straight to Earth. Crazy Lace removes emotional distress and replaces the energy with happiness and joy. It increases energy and helps to provide a sense of focus and clarity. Crazy Lace removes blockages and is a very calm vibrating stone.

Healing Benefits:

  • Dissolves depression

  • Raises self-appreciation

  • Absorbs negative energy

  • Increases stamina

  • Aids with the reproductions system

  • Helps with arthritis pain

  • Beneficial for digestion

  • Stabilizes the aura

  • Helps with skin disorders


Power Associations:

  • Stability

  • Strength

  • Protection

  • Love


Magical Attributes:

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Aries

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Birthstone: N/A

Deities: Bragi


Mineral Information:

Energy: 7

Hardness: 6.5

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal

Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Luster: Vitreous





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