Live Plants

I am by no means a nursery, or a plant know it all, but I do have a love for exotic tropical plants. It is my passion, like crystals, and I am a collector of them and love every single one of them! So much, I converted an Ikea cabinet into an indoor plant cabinet for a few of my babies! Every plant I offer is a baby I have propagated from a plant in my collection. Some of these plants are rare and are meant for those who enjoy a challenge and enjoyment out of tropical or exotic plants. 


Every plant is inspected to ensure they are bug-free and packed securely. Pictures will be taken of your plant and its packaging and emailed to you along with Tracking information. Overnight or Priority shipping is strongly encouraged. Please understand once the package has been shipped, I am not responsible for weather or shipping damage so be mindful of the weather before ordering.  Plants CAN NOT be mailed with any other items in the store other than other plants. I DO NOT ship outside of the United States at this time. Please video message your unboxing in case you are unhappy with your new baby, send it to me and we can discuss.