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Available Spell Kits:

Attract a Lover: The Attract Lover boxed ritual kit will walk you step by step through the process of casting a ritual love spell that will bring all of the love and desire you offer back to you

Attract a Soulmate: Attract your other half and or soul mate with this step by step spell casting kit.

Banishing: This boxed ritual kit provides you with all of the tools and instruction you need to work a powerful banishing ritual. Use it to banish the negative energies and spirits that plague you

Get a Job: This ritual kit is intended to help you find new job opportunities and help get you hired.

Healing: Step by step kit that helps you bring healing into your life mind body and spirit.

Money Drawing: This spell kit is intended helping you draw abundance and or money

New Beginnings: New Beginnings ritual spell kit is a powerful tool for ridding yourself of the negativity of the past and finding a fresh positive start.

Releasing: Step by step spell casting kit that will help you let go of anything that bothers your mind. Free yourself from unwanted baggage.


Spell casting is an art and should only be done with the best of intentions. Each kit comes boxed in a 10x7x2 box and contains everything needed to perform the desired spell.


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